We provide specialized mortgage fraud services to large financial institutions, investors, servicers and government agencies. Our team has obtained judgments and resolutions nationwide, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars recovered for our clients.

Our core group formed at IndyMac Bank, where it developed a sophisticated in-house department that identified, investigated and pursued mortgage fraud-related matters. After the mortgage crisis, we established MRLG to offer our unique services to the lending industry. Because of our in-house banking origins, we understand cases not only from the attorney’s perspective, but also from the client’s perspective.

Our team has extensive backgrounds in banking and mortgage fraud litigation, including all aspects of loan origination and servicing, forensic loan investigation, secondary marketing and collateral valuation. Our attorneys come from some of the best law schools in the country, and honed their legal skills at top-tier law firms. Our litigation and lending experience allow us to provide highly successful and cost-effective loss recovery services.