Innovative Mortgage Loss Recovery

Identify, investigate and pursue third-party recovery sources

  • Traditional loss mitigation focuses exclusively on the collateral and borrower
  • Innovative loss mitigation maximizes recoveries by pursuing closing agents, title insurance companies, loan originators, appraisers and other third parties

Mortgage Fraud Litigation

Litigate in federal and state courts nationwide

  • Closing Protection Letter (CPL) and title insurance claims
  • Repurchase and indemnity claims
  • Closing instruction violations and agent misconduct
  • Third-party pursuit (title insurers, closing agents, loan originators, appraisers, builders, etc.)

Recoupment of Repurchase Payments

Recoup payments to secondary market investors (GSEs) through pursuit of loan originators, closing agents, title insurers, appraisers and other third parties

Forensic Loan Investigation

Investigate loan transactions to identify misrepresentations, omissions and incidents of mortgage fraud

Loan Portfolio Analysis

Perform customized data queries on loan portfolios to identify loans with potential recovery claims

Mortgage Transactional Advice

Provide advice on mortgage documents and contracts (closing instructions, loan purchase agreements, servicing agreements, etc.) to secure recovery rights and prevent mortgage fraud

Asset Portfolio Disposition Advice

Perform due-diligence and provide advice on loan pool sales and purchases

Specialty Servicing of Impaired Loans

Provide methods to resolve impaired loans